Korean Food BOX 2.0


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🍱 Included:

  1.  BTS Cold Brew Coffee Bottle (random)
  2. Barbecue flavored potato chips;
  3. JIN RAMEN (1 of 4 flavors);
  4. ORION Fresh Berry;
  5. Gummy sweets with green apple flavor;
  6. Milk flavored sweets;
  7. Pringles Original Mini;
  8. Smile FUN snack (1 of 3 types);
  9. Choco Cookie;
  10. Apple Cinnamon;
  11. Bretto.

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Thank you very much ❤️ Everything was well packed and in good quality, I will still order ❤️❤️❤️

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I have wanted to try Korean food for a long time. I ordered from BTSTown and did not regret it!

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